A day does not go by without someone asking me to buy their stuff on LinkedIn without ever knowing who I am, what I am about, or what I need or want. Yes, you’re a woman and like shopping but when was the last time you bought a hazmat suit???

The first 3 things someone can or will do when you reach out to them (assuming you can keep their interest while they are going through these steps) are crucial in kickstarting your relationship with them.

If you do not do these things correctly, you are hugely under-leveraging your time and money spent on LinkedIn, and yes, you guessed it: most people don’t take it seriously enough and miss the whole point of being on there.

These steps are going to be the trigger points for them to decide if they wish to pursue contact with you.

When you first contact someone, they will:

1) Read your message:

Make sure your message is relevant. I have a real estate license though my focus is not on real estate. I can’t tell you how many messages I get about getting real estate leads when my profile clearly states my passion and my time is in digital marketing. Not sure how to tell? – spend 2 seconds, check out their profile image, and profile itself. You will make and start a lot more quality connections and conversations.

Start a lot more quality connections and conversations.

2) Read your title

Since you are not the one filling your wallet and your prospects are, it really pays to look at the stuff form their eyes. Run a search and check out how your profile shows, take a look at the posts you make and comments you leave. Does your “title” make your prospects want to reach out? Is it salezy? Does it make you stand out? The “title” area in the LinkedIn profile is much more than a place for your SHK. ErE. YIUO. Etc… Nobody but you knows what that means. Use this space wisely and “hook” your prospects to read your posts, ask for a connection, or reach out.

3) Check your website

If you have a website, by all means, do add the URL on your LinkedIn profile. People generally want to know more about you before they decided to connect, reach out, or respond. Make it easy for them. LinkedIn gives you 2 places in the top area in the profile where to place your URL, do use both. Make sure that you use it exactly the way it shows on the web: pay attention to www, http, or https. And at the end DOUBLE CHECK your link.

It sounds super easy, super straight forward and super obvious and it really is – you just have to do it.

Remember the old adage “if you only walked a mile in their shoes”, the same thing applies here.

Take these few extra steps to ensure that you make it easier and faster for people checking out your profile to decide if they would like to connect – it will pay off in the long run.