Could we be so blinded by our own actions not to see that we’re offering “the same thing” we tend to turn down ourselves?

Have you ever posted content only to visit a few days later and still only hear crickets? Are you tired of sending messages to people who either ignore you or only want to sell you their stuff when you have no slightest need or desire for it? “Is it time to ditch the platform?” you might ask, but wait… check-in and make sure you’re not guilty of these first, it could be a game-changer for you.

1) Sales pitch your 1st message

There is nothing more sure to “destroy” the chance of connecting with your potential client like sending the first message and saying “Hey, you don’t know anything about me, we’ve never spoken, I have no clue what you might need help with in your life/career, but here is my stuff and call me” – that does NOT work in social selling. LinkedIn is for creating connections, starting communications and building relationships you otherwise would have never had an opportunity to foster without LinkedIn. Use it wisely. It works when done right.

2) No website link under contact info

LinkedIn gives you 2 places to put the link to your website. Under your contact info on the right side at the top of your profile and on the left top side above school attended. When a visitor clicks on the left side on your company name the link takes them to your Experience area and then they have to click again to get to the company website. The more clicks, the more of the visitors you lose. Make it easy for them, add the link to your site under your contact info. Once opened they can see your email and very easily access the website

3) Using LI for sales

LinkedIn is NOT a platform for selling. LinkedIn is a platform to LINK with other likeminded people who you can help or they can help you achieve certain goals. I’m gong to burst a bubble for you: No sales happen on LinkedIn. Connections happen on LinkedIn, the sales is what happens once you successfully take the conversation offline.

4) Not checking each profile you contact and customizing the message

I’m a perfect example of this one. In my experience I have “real estate agent” listed. Yes, I have a license, and yes, I transact real estate businesses – SOMETIMES, for usually a private purpose. And if you just took 1 second of your time and looked at the biggest image on my profile, you would quickly conclude – real estate is NOT my primary focus and no, I do not need real estate leads. If you send me an email offering them to me, I know the following: you don’t’’ care about me, you don’t care about what I do, what my struggles are nor if you can help me, you just want to sell me your stuff. Be aware, your prospects could be thinking the same thing. No chance for sale there.

5) Quantity vs quality in connections

If you’re not taking time to look at their profiles, you are not investing time in connecting with quality leads – for your business. It’s impossible. If you don’t know what they do if they do, how they do, how can you decide if they will be a good client? Invest a minute or two, as in everything, it’s better to have 100 quality than 500 no-quality prospects.

LinkedIn. Use it wisely. It works when done right.

6) Not pursuing the connection once you see they are not interested in buying

Once you connecting with someone, if they are not interested in what you have don’t necessarily disregard them forever. They maybe have no need for what you have today, but maybe they will tomorrow, or maybe they will be speaking to someone tomorrow who they will be able to send your way or do an introduction for you. If you choose quality connections, they will bring you results eventually, but be patient, helpful, engaging – that is what it means to build relationships.

7) Not having a profile picture

It is 2019. Seriously? No profile picture? What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with that move? Would you go on a date with a bag over your head? If the answer is no, but the profile picture right now! People have to get to know you, like you and trust you to offer you a job or give you an order. Help them buy from you.

8) Not being clear on what you can do for someone

LinkedIn gives you an area to write a blurb about yourself and how you serve your clients. Most people tend to spend the majority of time describing themselves and their concerns, desires, views, etc. overlooking that the prospects are very little interested in you – but they are very interested in what you can do for them. Use the area to help them recognize themselves and the solutions you could provide for them to better their situation.

9) Not having a strategy to approach and connect

Getting clients from LinkedIn is not a Facebook “mass liking” and it requires a well thought out strategy. Take a minute to think and do research about what might be the best strategy for approaching LinkedIn members and how to get the most out of connecting. At the very least, start with this: respect, take an interest, be helpful, and don’t sell – yet. Once you move the conversation offline, the consultive selling begins if appropriate. Don’t forget to track and improve.

10) Not having a USP in your message

One of the most important things on your profile is to have a USP – unique selling proposition. Your title and then your profile is your first row of “LinkedIn virtual sales team”. Based on what people see in those two areas they will decide if they are wanting to explore more about you or reach out. Be specific and find a way to stand out. Few seconds is all you have to make that first impression.

No, it’s not rocket science, though it does take a bit more time and forethought, the results will be far more impressive if you have a strategy, plan your approach, and do it tactfully.

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