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Do you ever get a stomach-wrenching feeling, (like being jealous of other women’s success) when you see another woman celebrating her success while you’re struggling to get simple engagement with your content online? …and how you’d smile big just like her if you were in her place?

Don’t feel bad.

You’re not the only one who has ever been in that place.

Most women end up there at some point in time.

But it’s not such a big deal why you’re there, as much is it what do you do about it?

“Wow, she has thousands of fans and hundreds of comments form viewers/readers… People must absolutely love her and the service she offers – how lucky she is.… Oh, now she is selling her 5K course out too?!

Am I ever going to get there?”

Sounds familiar?

First off, it sucks to be there, and second, it doesn’t get you any closer to where you really want to be so STOP doing it immediately.

Here is what you can do instead:

1) Get inspired

Look at the competition to see what is possible and get inspiration from it. Use their achievements as your guides to targets that now you see is possible to reach. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the record for the 4-minute mile running distance. After that, the four-minute barrier has been broken by over 1400 male athletes – after they saw someone else do it became “possible” for them too.

2) Shift focus

Stop blaming competition for your lack of sales. it’s not the competition that took your sales, you did it by not adapting and growing. You need to take the focus off of them and shift it onto you. You can only improve those things that you can identify and measure. So focus on you and keep taking steps no matter how small.

3) Analyze it

It will help you discover your own weaknesses so you can find the areas you need to focus on for improvement. Take a good look at what is competition doing and compare to what you are doing and what you can change or improve upon so you can become more interesting to your ideal clients and get more of them to say YES to your offers.

Use it to light up your path.

Apply this little 3 step hack and get rid of the frustration and distraction on your path to success. Instead of letting it slow you down, use it to light up your path and propel you a step closer to your goal.