Why being precise about your ideal client’s pain pays BIG

As I was leaving my PT's office, I thought to myself: when physical therapist’s hands could cause otherwise rational individuals to welcome pain, exactly how powerful is pain? If pain has so much power, how can we harness that power to make more money?

If someone stuck a finger into your neck muscles and on a scale from 1-10 you labeled it as a 9 and a halfer, I don’t think you’d be asking for it again. Any other time, I surely would not have been either. Yet I was because I was trying to get rid of my pain. I was at   point A and I wanted to get to point B - badly.

 As Dr. S worked his finger tool thingy on a right side of my neck, I was praying I don’t find myself with with a cutoff air supply, though exchanging views on marketing strategies for getting new clients was making me almost oblivious to the pain itself.

I know. I’m so weird like that: I eat, breathe, and sleep marketing… so bring up the business topic and all my blues are gone.

“Seriously?!” His pitched voice startled me for a second, and then as he continued: “I was not aware just how much ‘pain’ can have affect on people saying YES to my offers, but it makes so much sense now.”

I hope it will for you too. Here is the scoop…

If you can help your clients to get from A to B - they will WANT what you have.

We all make decisions to move in some direction based on either pain or pleasure.

In my case, for some womenpreneurs it can be finding a solution to be more confident about making their offers.

Or it could be that they are frustrated with having to constantly reduce their prices to get new clients.

Pain and pleasure are the only two reasons we will do anything - and when your ideal clients are trying to avoid pain or gain pleasure they will start seeking those who can help them get to those goals.

What do you see as your clients' biggest pain and pleasure points?

Do they see you as their obvious choice for solving those?

If you can help your clients to get from A to B - they will WANT what you have.

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That's why being precise (like a well built Swiss watch) about your ideal clients pain pays BIG – in ALL currencies, not just in (CHF) Swiss Francs. 

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