Pants and Real Estate Websites… and do you really need them?

Can you make money without a website? - Can you get from Houston to London without riding a plane? Sure you can. The questions is: will you "like it or list it"... (as of of the those things you could bite your butt for for doing it in the first place.

"Real estate professionals do not need a website to make money". I stood there in front of 24 real estate agents in complete, utter, "hear the pin drop" silence. Bunch of faces clearly saying: "I know! That's what I've been saying all along!".

Yes, that is correct - and now you can ask yourself: "Then why am I shooting myself in the foot by spending thousands of dollars/hours to get one?"

When you’re starting out, wether you are an agent, broker, loan officer or whatever other title you might hold, website may not be your first order of business.


It wasn't for me either.

If you already have leads to work with, your #1 thing is contracts, negotiation, compliance, CLOSINGS ...etc. 

The thing is, you can very well just keep your, “RE-MAX” (or whatever brokerage) website when starting out  - and you will find that it is possible for sure to make money without one. 

And if you want to keep starting out every day, you can even opt to stay without one (or a generic one created for you) - Ok, I’m being little cynical about it.

Many other real estate professionals end up on the opposite side of the spectrum and spend $5K-15K-35K on a website created by a professional web designer or a web developer - not that being a broker demands it. 

It’s a great way to lose a lot of customers AND repel any decent leads (a.k.a. income).

So how do you find the right balance?

  • it’s not about how much you will spend on it (though valuable is rarely cheap, unless great deal offered)
  • It’s not about having a big marketing agency creating it (even if they can probably create a fancier stuff)
  • It’s not about having a web developer (who has various certs and galaxy size coding skills)

It’s about getting a website that will communicate with your prospects in a manner your prospect can relate to on a very personal level, and not a type of a website that leave them feeling like they just tried (and failed) putting a square peg in a round hole. 

It’s a great way to lose a lot of customers AND repel any decent leads (a.k.a. income) unless you know exactly what your prospects are bleeding, wanting, and willing to take action on.

If you take a look at a lot of websites, you’ll notice the generic way in which they approach the sales and presentation process.

The key to a good website is not in all the flashing stuff, or the newest app… it’s having paramount direct response marketing principles built-in in ways proven to create results.

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