3 Ways To Get Your Audience To Buy, Buy More, and Buy More Often

To make more money today, you could be chasing the next new secret strategy, practicing some guru's sales script, or enjoy being stuck in a Toolville drooling over another tool you need to get for your site... or you could just get existing audience to buy, buy more, and buy more often

It was 8.42 AM. Though I had our TV on for a while, I did not register much until Elizabeth Warren said something. She said something along these lines about Bloomberg: “He skipped the democracy part of shaking hands with people and getting to know their issues. He just jumped in with bunch of money pushing his agenda.”

Regardless of any political biases, I thought the point was interesting as it fully related to what most solopreneurs inexperienced in marketing did online every day.

They spend all kinds of money on tools, courses, ads etc… to “push” their reasons on why their service is better, superior, cheaper, or whatever, from all other peeps in the marketplace offering the same thing, while completely and utterly ignoring the feedback from the same people they expect to be buying their stuff.

Why does that happen?

Sometimes it seems so obvious what market really wants many of us feel there is no reason to digg for more feedback.

Likewise, sometimes they don’t realize that market fluctuates, changes, and has a life, and language of its own.

And it is and it does.

Therefore, not plugging into the marketplace and not getting intimately familiar with the fears, thoughts, concerns, dreams, and goals of your audience will turn all your messages, ads, campaigns into just more noise market already has enough off.

If you’re finding yourself getting frustrated with:
- getting lumped by your audience into the same group with all the rest of people selling the same stuff you are selling
- not getting a chance to show how you and your service is different
- not being able to tell your your story in a different way - in a way that they will get it and want it too

Here is what needs to change.

it’s a time for you to first start paying attention to what your audience really wants and how they want you to sell it to them.

You have to start listening to your market, before marketing will be willing to listen to you.

There top 3 things to keep in mind while researching your market, a formula to be exact:

1) Ask those that would ordinarily pay for your service. For example: ask your past clients, current clients, and/or reach out to your ideal clients you’d like to have. Skip your friends and family, they may not be the best source of information.
2) Give something in return, don’t just take, take, take. You can create surveys or ask in person but always offer freebies: maybe tips, an assessment, or a coaching session, or a small service
3) Prepare. Create questions in advance so you’re comfortable with what you need to ask next, make sure you take good notes, and get clear on answers you’re getting. Do not assume you know what they meant - ask and clarify.

You and I both know you have great skills that can create impact for your clients.

Just imagine if you could say it in a slightly different way.

Imagine if you could say it in a way no one else does.

In a way they would get it.

… and want it.

Go implement this 3 step formula and see what happens.

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