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In today’s world of insta-’s: insta-gram, insta-cart, insta-coffee… one thing can somehow never become truly insta-… – relationships.

So before I will give anybody, especially any-hair-tossing, every-sentence-must-have-“F-ing”-word in it chickaling,  hinting at a “throwing spaghetti on the wall” or worse yet “one-size-fits-all” approach any of my money, I need to know they are a person of value and can actually help ME see how I can transform MY business.

And even though I’m always rolling my eyes at slow driving pokes who create a 20 car long lines behind them, there is a time for being more moderately paced while enjoying a meaningful conversation over a cup of your fav drink. This is one of those times.

So grab your cup of coffee and your fav readers (if you use them), and let’s get to know each other first. (…I promise no hair tossing or “F-ing” language around here – though I might give “the look”)

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes of internet marketing and what other coaches, mentors, and internet marketing gurus won’t tell you

There are 5 different areas of your businesses directly affecting your ability to generate more leads.

Addressing the incorrect part with randomly chosen strategies can cause you to be running in circles and getting nowhere fast. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and “A closet full of clothes, nothing to wear” resembles your lead generating system stuffed with strategies upon strategies but still ending up with lame results, you’re probably working on the wrong end of the lead gen spectrum, or perhaps you’ve even focused on the right area, but the strategies you’re using are not aligned with strategies in other parts of your overall lead generation structure causing an inconspicuous conflict.

What you need is a 10,000 foot view of your lead gen modus operandi – with clearance  (oops) instruction signs on what to do next.

So before you reach out for one more faux lead gen strategy or a tool, let’s figure out where the genuinely weak spots really are what should you be focusing on FIRST.

Start by taking 


and get gee-wized by taking the most revealing (and most FUN) quiz about the business you’ve ever taken.

I’ll show you how to get on your ideal clients radar confidently, have them see you as an expert you really are, become their obvious choice, and actually charge the full price and get it. For free.

Yes, I Want To Get Gee-Wized!

I am NOT apologizing for the awesomeness you’re about encounter, my dear. The quiz and the follow-up emails are jammed packed full of actionable advice to help you attract new leads effortlessly and finally find the strategies that will work for you. (warning: The rush you’ll feel is equivalent to a 70% off the pair of A. Melani’s you’ve been eyeing for a while now)

OMG! I got gee-wized for sure! I never in the million years would have thought my business needed boost in this area. I thought I had this thing down. Thank you for opening my eyes!

Jana , Food Blogger
Love! Love! Love the quiz! It showed me exactly where the weak spots are. I can finally stop jumping from one thing to another and just focus on the right strategies for my business.
Mary, Relationship Coach

I knew I could use some guidance in growing my business in a way that will not get me to a total burnout again. This is exactly what I needed. I’m so thrilled I found you.

Anna, Real Estate Coach


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