After passing out in my car that day, the very first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my Benz emblem and I wondered: is it all worth it? Many times I drove entire 55 miles back home from my work, across 5 different highways, with migraine straight from HELL, on nothing but an autopilot.

There were times I did not even know how I got home. Not eating well and stressing out a ton, was surly but slowly taking its toll.

I slowly started the car and drove to the house, and as I was falling into my bed through the fog in my head, I decided that yes, I still want it all for my 7-year-old son and myself, and I swore I would find a better way.

…and from that day that “9-5” would never see me again.

It Was A No-Brainer… or A No-Go?!


It was a no brainer – though by far the scariest and yet “most bravest” thing I’ve ever done in my life. (can you think of THE one for you?)

And that is where my long and expensive journey began for finding my niche, my voice, and my private community of clients, and most of all, our piece. The next few years went by in learning more than I ever have in all my previous life – and I was a nerd all my life!!!!

Shortly after, I married my kindergarten admirer. He used to pull my hair all the way through K and during our elementary school – I should have known right then!

With his overwhelming support, armed with knowledge and tools, we opened the doors offering marketing services to clients in Germany, Croatia, and Australia. Though it paid the bills, it never really reached the heights I was hoping for.

In the next several years I jumped from program to program, from coach to coach, tool to tool. Fell asleep on a keyboard during numerous webinars that lasted way into the night and all this only to end up with nothing to show for and repeatedly getting stuck surrounded by crickets, growing debt, and self-doubt.

I Discovered Just How Much Helping Others Get To Their Goals Affected Mine


Many months later, 56K in debt and more trial and errors than l can remember, it happened.

CLICK. (this is when it all clicked! 😉 )

I booked my first private consulting client for $4500 and she was thrilled with the results. Hey, if I had someone who showed me how to make 6K in 30 days I would have been too! 😉

I helped her:

  • Position herself and her business as a go-to authority in her specific niche
  • Package a program she could have much greater reach and effect with
  • Automate the entire process through my plug-and-play framework
  • Doubling her entire monlthy income in a fraction of a time, leaving here more time to tend to her family and herself

I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m here to tell you that it is there for you as well – if you want it…

“It is possible to have everything, you know… truly is possible. Actually, there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you wish so. And never, never create limits for yourself.”

There is more power in you than you will ever be able to use up.

I truly believe we all have a greater version of ourselves in our future. That one that is all that we have ever wished to be and more.

The one that speaks louder than any amount of money or any words you can use to describe it.

I Created An Easy To Follow Framework That Allows My Clients To Duplicate What Works


My forever BFF had given me a small jewelry box containing a very small piece of paper the day before I left my country forever to live in the States. It read:

“It is possible to have everything, you know… truly is possible. Actually, there is nothing you can’t accomplish if you wish so. And never, never create limits for yourself.”

I still keep it in my desk drawer and look at it from time to time to remind myself to break the chains of limiting beliefs we tend to pick up somehow along the way and to remember to spread the wings, even more, to fly even higher.

The bottom is dark and ugly. I have been there. And I would venture out to say you have too.

It’s time for you to reach your own light at the end of the tunnel and I am here 110% to help you discover it supporting you all the way so that you can attract those ideal clients into your business effortlessly and close more sales more easily so that you can step into your full power over your life, free time, and your profitable business that allows you to say YES to things you want in life and have plenty of time to enjoy them all.

There is no better way than NOW.

Are you ready to FINALLY have your business do more for you so that you can do more for yourself?


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