Learn More Wishing you could express your
amazingness in a way that people
not only GET IT but WANT IT too?

Hi, welcome to my world!

I’M A MARKETING STRATEGIST and I had spent more time on a struggle bus than I care to remember. But I believe you don’t have to, so I am FIERCELY focused on giving your access to the knowledge I wish I had from the start. I created my own step-by-step process (exactly what I teach my clients) that I’ve used to elevate my business exponentially and I want to help you do the same.



Are you STRUGGLING with:

  • Sounding and looking more confident with you offers
  • Getting your “ideal clients” to see how you’re different from all the other peeps offering the same thing
  • Building the right audience that you really want to work with
  • Selling like a pro but not sounding salezy



Would you like to:


  • master your message, and finally get your audience to see exactly what makes you different from everybody else
  • feel confident in your offers and and get more YES’s, more often 
  • easily create no-pressure sales conversation for people who genuinely want your help 
  • knowing how to charge the full price and get it 
  • have an actual success roadmap, so that you know exactly what to spend time on each and every day

Rumor on the street:


We began generating income online almost immediately as she very quickly turned our ideas into actionable steps. Aleksandra’s attitude and step by step support was more than I could have asked for as she educated me to help me build my business… 







Are you ready to serve your ideal clients in your own unique way, to feel confident in your message and your offer? The time is NOW! Skip the drama of figuring everything out for yourself as it would be my honor to offer you the guidance on your journey. 







THE NEW You Inc.

I help female entrepreneurs transform their businesses by simply shifting their existing paradigms and introducing them to new ways of looking at themselves and their businesses so they can uncover hidden profits, grow exponentially, and finally self-design their lives.




Dare to DREAM BIG and see your business not only for what it is, 
but also what it could be…






Imagine if you could…




  • Have the clarity and focus on exact steps you need to take next
  • Show up and share your gifts in a way no one else does 
  • Feel confident about your offers 
  • Easily build your audience who fully understands how you are different 
  • Get more consistent yes’s to your offers
  • Charge the full price – and actually get it



There has never been a more glamorous time to be a woman entrepreneur!


There is no longer a limit on how big your reach can be, how far you can get, or how good your life can feel. It IS POSSIBLE to make money doing what you love, serve others, and enjoy a lifestyle of total freedom – at any age….
and to choose what you will do and when you will do it.

Ready to FAST FORWRD your business?